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VaOurWay's Values

Regardless of party affiliation, VAOurWay represents all Virginians who consider themselves:

  • Every Virginian should be afforded the same access to opportunity to reach their full potential so that they can become contributing members of the community
  • Every Virginian should have the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable life
  • Every Virginian should be afforded a voice in the democratic process
  • Virginia’s justice system should treat all Virginians equally
  • Laws should never be unnecessarily costly, punitive, or infringe upon your civil rights or economic opportunities

VaOurWay's Goals

  • Help to ensure the passage of common-sense legislation that matches Virginia’s values, regardless of partisan lines
  • Hold legislators accountable for their votes and ensure that they represent the true interest of their constituents
  • Create simple lines of communication between legislators and their citizens so that the two parties can more easily interact