Energy and Environment

A bill that would prevent hydraulic fracturing in parts of Virginia has been sent to the Senate Finance Committee and is in danger of being killed! The bill made its way to the Senate floor, but was referred to committee in an effort to keep it from moving forward. 

SB951: Prohibits fracking in parts of Virginia.

Call To Action:

Contact members of the Senate Finance Committee to support this Senate Bill 951!

Senate Finance Committee

Talking Points:
  1. 84,000 acres of pristine Eastern Virginian lands have been purchased and surveyed for possible fracking. 
  2. This land is adjacent to an aquifer that supplies most of Eastern Virginia with water. 
  3. The gas they would be attempting to frack is 5,000 feet deep - the aquifer is only 2,000 feet deep. 
  4. Allowing this bill to die could threaten the water quality of Eastern Virginia.

Who To Call:

Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr.  (R)

(804) 698-7503


Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.  (R)

(804) 698-7524


Senator Janet D. Howell  (D)

(804) 698-7532


Senator Richard L. Saslaw  (D)

(804) 698-7535


Senator L. Louise Lucas  (D)

(804) 698-7518


Senator Stephen D. Newman  (R)

(804) 698-7523


Senator Frank M. Ruff, Jr.  (R)

(804) 698-7515


Senator Frank W. Wagner  (R)

(804) 698-7507


Senator Ryan T. McDougle  (R)

(804) 698-7504


Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel  (R)

(804) 698-7527


Senator Charles W. Carrico, Sr.  (R)

(804) 698-7540


Senator Mark D. Obenshain  (R)

(804) 698-7526


Senator George L. Barker  (D)

(804) 698-7539


Senator Siobhan S. Dunnavant  (R)

(804) 698-7512


Senator Richard H. Stuart  (R)

(804) 698-7528


Senator Rosalyn R. Dance  (D)

(804) 698-7516