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The House Commerce and Labor Committee is considering a bill this afternoon that would make predatory lending easier in Virginia. We need you to take the time today to oppose this bill!

HB1248: Contains a rider that would allow out of state and internet lenders to conduct business in the Commonwealth.

Call To Action:

Call or email members of the House Commerce and Labor Committee this morning to OPPOSE House Bill 1248!

House Commerce and Labor Committee

Talking Points:
  1. Currently, out of state and internet lenders are not permitted in Virginia. 
  2. These entities are prohibited because of their histories of abuse and lending at exceptionally high rates. 
  3. We need to protect Virginia citizens from falling victim to predatory lending!

Who To Call:

Kilgore, Terry G. (Chairman)

(804) 698-1001


Byron, Kathy J. (Vice Chairman)

(804) 698-1022


Ware, R. Lee

(804) 698-1065


Hugo, Timothy, D. 

(804) 698-1040


Marshall, Daniel W., III

(804) 698-1014


Cline, Benjamin L.

(804) 698-1024


Bell, Robert B.

(804) 698-1058


Habeeb, Gregory D.

(804) 698-1008


O'Quinn, Israel D.

(804) 698-1005


Yancey, David E.

(804) 698-1094


Ransone, Margaret B.

(804) 698-1099


Webert, Michael J.

(804) 698-1018


Ward, Jeion A.

(804) 698-1092


Keam, Mark L.

(804) 698-1035


Filler-Corn, Eileen

(804) 698-1041


Kory, Kaye

(804) 698-1038


Lindsey, Joseph C.

(804) 698-1090


Bagby, Lamont

(804) 698-1074


Toscano, David J.

(804) 698-1057


Heretick, Stephen E.

(804) 698-1079


Mullin, Michael P.

(804) 698-1093


Bourne, Jeffrey M.

(804) 698-1071