Energy and Environment

The House Courts of Justice Committee will be meeting this afternoon to discuss a bill regarding student discipline. Supporting this bill will help disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in Virginia!

HB274: Allows for the diversion of truancy punishments for students once a year.

Call To Action:

Call or email members of the House Courts of Justice Committee this morning to voice your support for House Bill 274!

House Courts of Justice Committee

Talking Points:
  1. Students who are not in school are more likely to engage in dangerous and criminal behavior during the day.
  2. This bill is an important step towards ensuring students are in school as often as possible.

Who To Call:

Bell, Robert B. (Chairman) (R)

(804) 698-1058


Habeeb, Gregory D. (Vice Chairman) (R)

(804) 698-1008


Kilgore, Terry G. (R)

(804) 698-1001


Cline, Benjamin L. (R)

(804) 698-1024


Gilbert, C. Todd 15th (R)

(804) 698-1015


Leftwich, James A. (Jay), Jr. (R)

(804) 698-1078


Adams, Leslie R. (Les) (R)

(804) 698-1016


Campbell, Jeffrey L. (R)

(804) 698-1006


Collins, Christopher E. (R)

(804) 698-1029


Miyares, Jason S. (R)

(804) 698-1082


Watts, Vivian E. (D)

(804) 698-1039


Toscano, David J. (D)

(804) 698-1057


Herring, Charniele L. (D)

(804) 698-1046


Hope, Patrick A. (D)

(804) 698-1047


Mullin, Michael P. (D)

(804) 698-1093


Bourne, Jeffrey M. (D)

(804) 698-1071


Simon, Marcus B. (D)

(804) 698-1053


Carroll Foy, Jennifer D. (D)

(804) 698-1002