Healthcare & Childcare

Virginia General Assembly Crossover was last week, which means we’re left to support or work to defeat only the bills that made it through either the House or the Senate. We are refocusing our monitoring efforts to make sure we get you timely alerts about the remaining relevant and important legislation that is up for vote before the end of the session! 

Here are some of the bills we will be monitoring and keeping you updated on going forward:

  • SB225: Creates a pilot program to study patient-centered opioid users and addicts in impoverished communities, typically those without access to insurance.
  • HB1173: Places a limit on opioid prescriptions. 
  • HB501: Creates an oversight program that would account for unused drugs in Virginia hospice establishments, preventing them from ending up in the wrong hands.

Your voice makes a difference! Calling and emailing puts pressure on our lawmakers to do the right thing. While we’ve seen some good legislation make its way through committees, there have been numerous common-sense bills that either have been killed or were left in committee to die. Below are a few of the bills that, unfortunately, didn’t make it through:

  • SB436: Would have added fentanyl to list of Schedule 1 drugs. 
  • SB464: Would have required that licensed providers of treatment for persons with opioid addictions through the use of opioid replacements comply with reporting requirements.

Please keep an eye out for our updates and take action by calling and emailing your Senator and Delegate to support legislation that affects healthcare and could take us a few steps closer to ending opioid crisis in Virginia. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement while we try to see the good bills through to the finish line.