Energy and Environment

Virginia General Assembly Crossover was last week, which means we’re left to support or work to defeat only the bills that made it through either the House or the Senate. We are refocusing our monitoring efforts to make sure we get you timely alerts about the remaining relevant and important energy and environmental legislation that is up for vote before the end of the session! 

Here are some of the bills we will be monitoring going forward, and we will keep you updated on their progress and let you know when you need to make your voice heard with Senators and Delegates:

  • SB191: Raises the cap on net-metered system sizes for homes and businesses going solar to 125% of the previous year’s consumption.
  • HB1252: Expands access to third-party purchase agreements for non-profit solar installation in Appalachian Power Service territory.
  • HB508 & SB429: Establishes the allowance of solar facilities on roof and ground-mounted solar arrays, if in compliance with the zoning restrictions.
  • SB179 & HB509 – Clarifies the comprehensive plan approval process for solar facilities.

Your voice matters! Your calls and emails have an effect, by putting pressure on our lawmakers to do the right thing.  Thank you for your continued support and engagement while we try to see the good bills through to the finish line!