Under the current law, a student can be suspended for up to an entire year. A year without school will hinder a student's development and make it far more likely that he or she will engage in some sort of inappropriate activity. This can also be very taxing for parents who work and cannot supervise their children for such an extended period of time. 

HB1600: Reduces the maximum length of a long-term suspension from 364 calendar days to 45 school days.

Call To Action:

Call or email members of the Senate Public Education Subcommittee today to voice your support for House Bill 1600!

Senate Public Education Subcommittee

Talking Points:
  1. Students who are not in school are more likely to engage in dangerous and criminal behavior during the day.
  2. Long-term suspensions only serve to inhibit a student's education.
  3. Many of these individuals could benefit from additional resources, like counseling, rather than being removed from school.