Energy and Environment

Two bills that would help ensure environmental quality during pipeline construction are being heard in the House. 

SB698 & SB699: Allows the State Water Control Board to conduct inspections of land-disturbing activities of natural gas pipelines and issue stop-work orders when necessary.


Passed Bills: With your help, a few crucial bills that benefit solar have passed the House and Senate and are on their way to the Governor's desk! 

  • HB508: Establishes the allowance of solar facilities on roof and ground-mounted solar arrays, if in compliance with the zoning restrictions.
  • SB179 & HB509 – Clarifies the comprehensive plan approval process for solar facilities.

Thank you for your continued support!

Call To Action:

Please take a moment this morning to call your delegate and voice your support for Senate Bill 698 and 699!

Talking Points:
  1. Pipelines that cross waterways have the potential to impair water quality.
  2. These crossings include non-tidal wetlands, wetland buffers, and floodplains, some of which are imperative to providing clean drinking water.
  3. This bill would authorize the State Water Control Board to conduct inspections and issue stop work instructions when there is an indication of an adverse impact to water quality.
  4. This measure is crucial in protecting the health and safety of Virginians and their environment!