Senate Bill 170 has made it out of committee and will be taken up for a full House vote in the next few days!

SB170: Prohibits students in preschool through third grade from being suspended for more than three school days or expelled from school, except for certain instances.

Passed bills: With the help of your support, House Bill 1600 is on its way to the Governor's desk! As a reminder, this bill reduces the maximum number or days a student can be suspended from 364 calendar days to 45 school days. Great work!

Call To Action:

Call or email your delegate to voice your support for Senate Bill 170!

Talking Points:
  1. Students who are not in school are more likely to engage in dangerous and delinquent behavior during the day.
  2. Long-term suspensions only serve to inhibit a student's education.
  3. Many of these individuals could benefit from additional resources, like counseling, rather than being removed from school.