Healthcare & Childcare

In just two days, on April 11th, the General Assembly will reconvene for a special session to discuss the state’s budget and to make a final decision on Medicaid expansion. The special session, which is being held nearly a month after the General Assembly convened, will determine the future of Medicaid in Virginia. 


The discussion is centered around $3 billion of federal Affordable Care Act money that would be used to cover uninsured Virginians, as well as a hospital tax to cover the state’s portion of the cost. When the General Assembly last convened, the House had passed a budget including Medicaid expansion, but the Senate had not. 


In recent days, however, several members, including Senator Emmet Hanger and Senator Frank Wagner have expressed newfound support for Medicaid expansion under specific circumstances. On Wednesday, this debate will come to a head and the General Assembly will determine the future of Virginia’s healthcare options. Please join us in a final push to ensure they back Medicaid expansion here in Virginia!

Call To Action:

Call or email your Senator to voice your support for Medicaid expansion in Wednesday’s special session. 

Talking Points:
  1. The House of Delegates has already passed a version of the budget that would provide insurance for hundreds of thousands of Virginians, as well as start a workforce training program.
  2. Virginians have already sent billions of their tax dollars to Washington for Medicaid expansion – its time some of that money came back to the Commonwealth!