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House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee"


Campaign finance; disclosure of all contributors.


Requires all campaign finance reports to itemize each contributor and disclose certain information regardless of the amount of the contribution. Currently, such disclosure is required only for contributors who have contributed in excess of an aggregated amount, depending on the committee making the report, within a period of time. This information included on required campaign finance reports is made available to the public via the State Board of Election';s campaign finance database. The bill contains technical amendments. ;

David Yancey

This bill will provide clarity in regards of campaign contributions of the amount and where it comes from. There are often transparency questions and this bill will mandate that contributions to campaigns show who are Virginia residents and how much they are donating and who are not Virginia residents and how much they are donating. ;

Several committee members spoke of how they are increasing amount of outside the state contributions in Virginia impacting our elections. This would provide transparency because Virginans, as they argue, should known who has interests in these elections. ;

A comment from the committee member saying he does not understand the problem they are trying to solve with this bill. Furthermore, not every individual wishes their political contributions to be known and public. ;

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