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House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee"


General registrars; petition for removal


Provides for the removal of a general registrar by the circuit court upon a petition signed by a majority of the members of the State Board of Elections or a majority of members of the local electoral board. Currently, a local electoral board may remove a general registrar with a majority vote, while the State Board of Elections may petition the circuit court to remove a general registrar only after petitioning the local electorla board to remove the registrar and the electoral board fails to do so. The bill require the Virginia Division of Risk Management to assign counsel to the defense of any memeber of a local electoral board or general registrar subject to a petition for removal, upon that member';s or registrar';s applicaiton

John McGuire

One audience member was an elected registrar and was so for 30 years. She gave a personal story of how she was personally fired from her position and dragged through the court system and to this day has no knowledge of why the board wanted her to resign or be fired. She is in full support of this bill. ;

The registrar association is also in full support of the bil and will work to help professionalize the career. ;

A few audience members warn caution of the bill, while they support it in spirit. Careful implementation is necessary. ;

Reported with Substitute