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Public schools; alternative accountability process

Public schools; alternative accountability process. ;Allows a school board to adopt an alternative accountability process to provide a principal and parties involved in an incident involving assault or assault and battery without bodily injury that occurs on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored event an option to enter into a mutually agreed upon mediation process between the involved parties as an alternative to reporting such incident to law enforcement. The bill requires a principal in a school division with such a process to attempt to engage the parties involved in such an incident in the alternative accountability process prior to reporting such incident to the local law-enforcement agency. The bill prohibits a principal from reporting such an incident when the parties successfully complete the alternative accountability process


This bill works to reduce the effect of the school-to-prison pipeline. It would create a mediation process for parties involved in an altercation where no bodily injury occurs. If students meet certain goals of the mediation program, the assault does not need to be reported to law enforcement.

The bill is too prescriptive, which can take away from program opportunities- wants to amend it so that it would be to the discretion of the school and individuals involved.

Delegates agree to amend.

Reported with Amendments