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Rehabilitation and Social Services"


Justice, Bd. of; regulations governing housing of youth pursuant to contracts w/ federal government

Board of Juvenile Justice; regulations governing the housing of youth pursuant to contracts with the federal government. ;

Requires the Board of Juvenile Justice to promulgate regulations governing the housing of youth who are detained in a juvenile correctional facility pursuant to a contract with the federal government and not committed to such juvenile correctional facility by a court of the Commonwealth ;


Currently, there are many refugee children who are being detained in a juvenile jails, specifically in Shenandoah County. There needs to be a regulatory system in which the children receive proper care including mental health care, those who speak their language, professionals who are trained to de-escalate situations, etc. Abuse is occuring in these facilities and there needs to be policies to ensure better practices. ;

A member of the audience voiced support of this bill; these facilities are accepting children outside of their care expereinces and needs and these children are not being cared for adequately. ;

This is happening because these are children of refugee resettlement, some may have been sex trafficked. These children are not criminals and need protecting. ;


One state senator voiced concern about this bill; that this bill addresses the real problem. The real problem is that refugee children are being detained in criminal facilities when they have not been convicted or even charged with a criminal and this should end. He referred to it as being a criminal airbnb. ;

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Supposedly, under the current system there is an integration between the state juvenile detainment facilities and the federal government placing children refugee resettlers in these facilities. They are also supposedly targeting migrant children who appear or may have gang membership ties. There is reason to believe they have mixed children who are actually involved in such gangs with those who have no ties in these facilities. ;