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Radford University; authority to establish Roanoke Division


Authorizes the Radford University Board of Visitors (the board) to establish the Radford Unviersity-Roanoke Division (the Division) through the acquisition of Jefferson College of Health Sciences, a nonprofit private institution wholly owned and operated by Carilion Clinic. The bill authorizes the board, upon establishment of the Division, to (i) exercise the same powers with respect to the operation of the Division as are vested in the board regarding the University and (ii) offer at the Division all programs of instruction offered by Jefferson College of Health Sciences at the time of acquisition, including associate-degree programs. The bill permits Radford University to award merit-based institutional aid to students enrolled at the Division in a manner that is consistent with practices at the former Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Nick Rush

There is currently a shortage of nurses in the Commonwealth of Virginia, being able to expand Radford';s presence will open up more opportunities for clinicial and practicum experieneces ;

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