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School Calendar; opening of the school year, good cause waiver


School calendar; opening of the school year; good cause waiver. ;Permits the Board of Education to waive the requirement to set the school calendar so that the first day students are required to attend school must be after Labor Day for any school board that certifies to the Board of Education that the school division is entirely surrounded by school divisions that each have an opening date prior to Labor Day in the school year for which the waiver is sought.

Robert "Bob" Thomas, Jr.

Appreciated the discussion in subcommittee and hopes that this bill will report as it would be an additional waiver if Robinson';s bill HB1652 meets opposition in the Senate. If Robinson';s bill passes it would ; essentially eliminate the waiver system. ; ;

Collins addressed the possiblity of conflict with Robinson';s bill but it was established that there would not be conflict as Robinson';s bill is more permissive but this would add to the waiver system if Robinson';s bill does not report in the Senate.


This bill is less permissive than Del. Robinson';s school calendar bill but it would expand the waivers allowed. ; If a locality is surrounded by other school divisions that have waivers under the current system, then that encased locality could also be granted a waiver. ;

School Calendar