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House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee"


Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older


Entitles a person who will be age 65 or older on the day of an election to vote by absentee ballot in that election

C.E. Hayes

This bill has been heard many times, this will be the third time brining it before the committee. The bill would let persons 65 years of age or and older on the day of an election ability to vote by absentee voting without excuse. Rationales include insufficient categories for reasons why under excused absentee voting. The lines are line, the weather could be bad, these people have participated in their civic duties and should be given more opportunities to vote. The patron was raised with morals of his grandmother including the importance of civic engagement. Not everyone has always been able or legally given the right to vote. There used to be poll taxes when voting. We should not disclude the older generation who has done so much for voting rights and participate frequently. ;

Delegate Ransone understands the bill but there are many reasons a person can go vote absentee or curbside voting. She also stated they just moved forward a bill to expand in person early voting so that would alleviate some of the issues presented in this bill.


Down party vote to lay bill on the table: 4 to 2 ;