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House Health, Welfare, and Institution Committee"


All-Payer Claims Database; penalty


Requires the Commissioner of Health, in cooperation with the Bureau of Insurance, to collect health claims data from certain insurers, corporations, managed care organizations, third-party administrators, and employee welfare benefit plans whose employer has opted-in to the All-Payer Claims Database, the Department of Medical Assistance Services, state government health insurance plans, local government health insurance plans, and federal health insurance plans. The bill provides that employers that maintain an employee welfare benefit plan may agree to participate in the All-Payer Claims Database and provides a process for such agreement. The bill adds members to the advisory committee to the nonprofit organization that administers the All-Payer Claims Database. The bill requires the Commissioner of Health to establish a data release committee to review and approve requests for access to data and prohibits the release of data without the approval of such committee. The bill requires the nonprofit organization to ensure that data is timely submitted to the All-Payer Claims Database and authorizes the Board of Health to assess a civil penalty on entities not in compliance.

Reported with Substitute