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House Education"


Public schools; prohibits use of seclusion and restraint


Use of seclusion and restraint in public schools. ;Prohibits (i) any school board employee from restraining a student at school in a prone or facedown position and (ii) any student from being placed in seclusion at school unless the room or space in which he is secluded is free from all potentially dangerous or harmful materials or the student is continuously monitored in-person or with live video monitoring. The bill requires the principal or his designee to notify the parent of any student who is restrained or secluded at school of such incident on the day on which the incident occurs or as soon as practical after the incident occurs. The bill also requires each incident of seclusion or restraint to be documented in a manner that describes the incident with sufficient detail, including the employee';s rationale for restraining or secluding the student and the methods employed, and such documentation to be provided to the school board, the principal, and the ;student';s parent.

Reported and referred (include Committee below)

Reported and referred with Substitute to Appropriations 19-0.