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School boards; boards permitted to enter into College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships


School boards; public institutions of higher education; College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships. ;Permits each local school board to enter into College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships (Partnerships), currently referred to as agreements, with comprehensive community colleges or other public institutions of higher education or educational institutions that offer a career and technical education curriculum. The bill requires any such Partnership to (i) specify the options for students to take courses as part of the career and technical education curriculum that lead to course credit or an industry-recognized credential, certification, or license concurrent with a high school diploma, (ii) specify the credit, credentials, certifications, or licenses available for such courses, and (iii) permit students to participate in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs at comprehensive community colleges concurrent with a high school diploma and receive college credit and high school credit for successful completion of any such program. Current law allows local school boards to enter into agreements with such institutions but does not specify course credit as being part of the agreements.


Reported 18-0.