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Voter registration; students to have access to information

Student voters; Virginia voter registration. Requires each public high school and public institution of higher education to provide to any enrolled student who is of voting age or otherwise eligible to register to vote access to Virginia voter registration information and applications.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB1116 details.
Committee: House Privileges and Elections: Subcommittee #1
Patron: Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (D-Henrico)
Current Status: Passed by Indefinitely
Legislative Reports:
January 24thDeletage Comments(Pro):

Delegate Sickles stated that lack of cohesion has always been an issue for schools at a state-wide level and that this requirement would not be a major imposition. He further argued that this program would aid voting rates among young Virginians and that this is a worthy and important cause. ;

Deletage Comments(Con):

Delegate Rush pointed out that there is nothing prohibiting or preventing schools from engaging in programs like this of their own accord. ;

Delegate Fowler explained his reluctance to pass more mandates on school districts that are already struggling to cope with current requirements. ;

Passed by Indefinitely