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Student discipline; long-term suspension.

Student discipline; long-term suspension. Reduces the maximum length of a long-term suspension from 364 calendar days to 45 school days. The bill permits a long-term suspension to extend beyond a 45-school-day period but prohibits such a suspension from exceeding 364 calendar days if (i) the school board or division superintendent or his designee finds that aggravating circumstances exist, as defined by the local school board in a written policy, or (ii) the long-term suspension is preceded by another long-term suspension in the same school year.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB1600 details.
Committee: Senate Education and Health
Patron: Del. Jeff Bourne (D-Richmond)
Current Status: Reported with Substitute
Legislative Reports:
February 22ndPatron Comments:

Addressing the prevalence of denying a child an education as punishment- this must stop.

Penalizes children far beyond the immediate punishment

Reported with Substitute
January 31stPatron Comments:
  • Substitute adopted

  • No comment, full and complete hearing was given in the subcommittee

Reported with Substitute