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Public schools; student discipline.

Public schools; student discipline. Prohibits students in preschool through grade three from being suspended or expelled except for drug offenses, firearm offenses, or certain criminal acts.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB296 details.
Committee: House Education Subcommittee #1
Patron: Del. Dickie Bell (R-Staunton)
Current Status: Reported
Legislative Reports:
February 5thPatron Comments:

Delegate Bell stated that he understands there are two sides to this argument, but that he firmly believes in his side which is more concerned with keeping kids in school. He went on to cite the fact that Virginia schools executed over 17,000 suspensions over the last two years and that theses suspensions were for minor, behavioral issues. Delegate Bell finished by firmly stating that the best interest of the child should forever be the center focus of educators. ;

Public Comments (Con):

The Legal Aid Justice Center spoke in support of the bill, but stated that a compromise similar to that of the Senate version of this bill will have to be found. ;

Several members of ;the public echoed support for the bill and the need for a compromise. ;

The Virginia Catholic Conference also supported these comments and the need for a compromise. ;


Deletage Comments(Pro):

The Virginia School Board Association spoke in opposition to the bill, stating that they support the compromise that exists in the senate version of this bill. ;

The Virginia Education Association echoed this sentiment. ;

The Virginia Superintendants Association also echoed this sentiment. ;