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Prescription Monitoring Program; prescriber and dispenser patterns, annual review, report.

Prescription Monitoring Program; notification of top prescribers. Provides that the Director of the Department of Health Professions shall annually review, in consultation with an advisory panel that shall include representatives from the relevant health regulatory boards, the Department of Health, the Department of Medical Assistance Services, and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, controlled substance prescribing and dispensing patterns and shall (i) make any necessary changes to the criteria for unusual patterns of prescribing and dispensing and (ii) report any findings and recommendations for best practices to the Joint Commission on Health Care by November 1 of each year.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB313 details.
Committee: Senate Education and Health Committee
Patron: Del. Chris Head (R-Roanoke)
Current Status: Reported with Amendments
Legislative Reports:
February 19thOutcome:
Reported with Amendments
Outcome Comments:

Conformed to Senate Version

January 25thOutcome:
Reported with Substitute
January 24thPatron Comments:
  • As introduced, requests the recording of the top 10% of prescribers in the PMPs. Amendment seeks to move this bill into alignment with Senator Dunnavant’s bill.

  • Requires the director to make changes to criteria for unusual prescribing and dispensing, report those by the first of each year.

  • Intermediate step, move to more intense motions later, seeks to set up a preventative mechanism.

Public Comments (Pro):

Commentary refers to HB313, HB503, HB1295

  • David Brown, Director of the Department of Health Professionals: Addressing the question of if a person can request disclosure of their PMP report to for example an employer, ;yes. ;This comment referred more to HB503

  • A. McCauley: Current law as playing out makes it so that the Board of Pharmacy is data mining PMPs for the top percentages of prescribers. Our firm is investigating such cases. Might be beneficial to have some citizen members of this advisory panel to advise on data use. Identifying the top 10% of prescribers is the only basis for these investigations.

Reported with Amendments