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Voter registration; permitted up to and including election day.

Voter registration; permitted up to and including election day. Repeals the deadline for registering to vote in advance of an election and allows eligible voters to register at any time, including the day of the election. A person who is eligible to vote, but is not registered, may register and be permitted to vote on election day by appearing in person at the polling place for the precinct of which he is a resident and (i) providing certain identifying information; (ii) signing a statement, subject to felony penalties, that he is a qualified voter of that precinct but for not being registered to vote; and (iii) providing proof of residency. Residency may be proven by presenting (a) his valid Virginia driver';s license or other photo identification issued by the Commonwealth, one of its political subdivisions, or the United States that contains a valid address in the precinct or (b) any document that contains a valid address in the precinct together with one of the forms of identification accepted for purposes of voting. The bill requires the State Board to provide instructions for the prompt addition of the voter to the Virginia voter registration system on the day of the election.

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Committee: House Privileges and Elections: Subcommittee #1
Patron: Del. Debra Rodman (D-Henrico)
Current Status: Tabled
Legislative Reports:
January 30thPatron Comments:

Delegate Rodman explained that this bill would prevent valid voters from being denied on election day and that it would operate at a negligible cost to the Commonwealth. ;

Public Comments (Pro):

A member of the public spoke in support of the bill, citing other states who have adopted policies similar to this bill. ;

The Legal Women Voters of Virginia also spoke in support of the bill. ;

Public Comments (Con):

The Virginia State Board of elections spoke in opposition to the bill, stating that it would be vitually impossible to accurately register and record same-day voters and that it would put overwhelming responsibility on registrars. ;