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High School to Work Partnerships; establishment, exemptions.

High School to Work Partnerships; establishment; exemptions. Permits each local school board to (i) establish High School to Work Partnerships (Partnerships) between public high schools and local businesses to create opportunities for high school students to (a) participate in an apprenticeship, internship, or job shadow program in a variety of trades and skilled labor positions or (b) tour local businesses and meet with owners and employees or (ii) delegate the authority to establish Partnerships to the local school division';s career and technical education administrator or his designee, in collaboration with the guidance counselor office of each public high school in the school division. The bill requires such local school boards to educate high school students about opportunities available through such Partnerships. The bill also requires the Board of Education, the Department of Labor and Industry, and the State Board for Community Colleges to identify Partnerships that may be eligible for exemptions from certain federal and state labor laws and regulations and establish procedures by which such exemptions may be obtained for such Partnerships.

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Committee: Senate Education and Health
Patron: Del. Nick Freitas (R-Culpeper)
Current Status: Reported
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February 22ndPatron Comments:

This will allow for the development of our young workforce, particularly in those areas in which college educations are increasingly unecessary.