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Career investigation courses and programs of instruction; Board of Education to establish.

Career investigation courses and programs of instruction. Requires the Board of Education (Board) to (i) establish content standards and curriculum guidelines for courses in career investigation; (ii) develop, in consultation with certain stakeholders, resource materials that are designed to ensure that students have the ability to further explore interest in career and technical education opportunities in middle and high school; and (iii) disseminate such career investigation resource materials to each school board. The bill directs each school board to require each middle school student to take at least one course or alternative program of instruction in career investigation.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB632 details.
Committee: Senate Education and Health
Patron: Del. David Bulova (D-Fairfax)
Current Status: Reported
Legislative Reports:
March 1stPatron Comments:

Committee was not giving extensive debate to those bills which passed subcommittees unanimously.

Presented by chair of the subcommittee.

February 2ndPatron Comments:

Delegate Bulova explained that Virginia has a surplus of technical and manufacturing jobs that the state simply does not have the trained workforce to fill. This bill will give guidance counselors the tools they need to assist students who are not considering a traditional college experience. ;


Public Comments (Pro):

Virginia Professional Educators spoke in support fo the bill, explaining tha tthese re by no means ';dead end jobs'; and in fact provide lucrative, successful ;career options. ;

Reported with Substitute