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Student discipline; alternative education programs.

Student discipline; alternative education programs. Requires local school boards to provide alternative education programs for suspended students.

Legislative Information System of Virginia HB688 details.
Committee: House Appropriations Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee
Patron: Del. Delores McQuinn (D-Richmond)
Current Status: Tabled
Legislative Reports:
February 8thOutcome:
Outcome Comments:

Tabled by a vote of 5-3. Issues with specificity and putting unfunded mandates on localities. ;


Closely tied with efforts of Delegate Richard Bell in trying to avoid removing children from school. Different aspects should be combined in future legislation. ;

January 31stPatron Comments:
  • Letter from the speaker’s office recommending that this bill be reported to appropriations.

  • Give strong consideration even through the Appropriations “Death Sentence”

  • 2006 study addressing the school to prison pipeline, disproportionate African American effects.

Reported and referred (include Committee below)
Outcome Comments:

Reported &; Referred to Appropriations


Disproportionate and unfair effect on African American communitites, this effect plays into the success of our greater economy.