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Form of ballot; party identification of candidates.

Form of ballot; party identification of candidates. Provides that any candidate nominated by a political party or at a primary election shall be identified on the ballot by the name of his political party, unless a provision of a local charter provides to the contrary. Currently, only candidates for federal, statewide, and General Assembly offices are so identified. The bill contains a technical amendment. The bill incorporates SB 263 and SB 720.

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Committee: House Privileges and Elections Committee
Patron: Sen. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake)
Current Status: Failed to Report
Legislative Reports:
March 2ndOutcome:
Failed to Report
Outcome Comments:

Failed to Report 10-11 in House P&;E Committee ;

February 22ndPatron Comments:

Patron comments

  • Currently many elections involve party affiliation, but are not so indicated on the ballots that voters receive.

  • Chesapeake, Norfolk primaries at issue

  • Exception for localities which have charters allowing for independents, etc.

Public Comments (Con):

VA Municipal League: Our opposition to partisanship in local elections has been vocal, this bill however would force smaller towns to comply. Oppose.

Response: Localities Could amend their charters in this interest. It';s not a mandate, in fact it invests more authority at the local level, VML';s opposition is confusing.

Reported with Substitute