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Public schools; student discipline.

Public schools; student discipline. Prohibits, except for drug offenses, firearm offenses, and certain criminal acts, students in preschool through grade three from being suspended for more than three school days or expelled from attendance at school unless (i) the offense involves physical harm or credible threat of physical harm to others or (ii) the local school board or the division superintendent or his designee finds that aggravating circumstances exist, as defined by the Department of Education.

Legislative Information System of Virginia SB170 details.
Committee: House Education
Patron: Sen. Bill Stanley (R-Moneta)
Current Status: Reported
Legislative Reports:
February 28thPatron Comments:

Prohibits lower elementary shcool suspensions exceeding 3 days, with exceptions.

Unanimously recommended for reporting from the subcommittee.

February 1stPatron Comments:

17,000 short term suspensions, 93k long term/per annum in VA. ;This bill deals with ;children between the ages of 4-8, instead of suspending and expelling this bill gives schools the opportunity ;to counter negative impulses that create disruptive behavior and to correct that ; behavior. Suspensions bolster classtoom to courtroom pipeline

Public Comments (Pro):

Lots of support from education and children';s organizations.





Public Comments (Con):

No opposition.

Reported with Substitute
Outcome Comments:

Reported Unanimously.


Substitute-- ";No ;student preschool through k3 shall be suspended or expelled for more than 3 days unless it involves physical harm, credible threat thereof, or aggravating circumstances"; aggravated circumstances ;defined by the DOE, so that they will be equally and fairly applied throughout VA.

17,000 short term suspensions, 93k long term/per annum in VA.